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Tying Shoelaces
Image by Md Mahdi
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ATHLETE | a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise.

Athletics has always played a major role in our communities as it provides enjoyable opportunities for great competition, an active lifestyle, and social interaction. 


THE ATHLETE COLLECTION is an expression of an Athlete's contemporary style and dedication to their discipline. An Athlete is unique in their ability to gracefully unite the rigor of physical training, the intricacy of mastering a skill, and the demand of mental fortitude. Those who wear this COLLECTION are charged to embody these key attributes and model them through sound Leadership and Character. Athletes are UNCOMMON. Let's work!


THE ATHLETE COLLECTION is the first release of The Collective, as an ode to Sports Performance. ​

APX360 Logo - Blue_edited.png

APX360 is passionate about serving people, as we provide innovative, evidence-based training methods that are designed to maximize each person’s full potential in Health, Fitness, and Sports Performance.

Our fun, innovative training methodology focuses on the specific needs of each client. Continuum of Programming  (COP) is established to provide clients comprehensive care and development for their whole (360°) physical body. We recognize the complexity of the human body and wish to provide necessary resources, in-house, to maximize positive outcomes.

The heart of APX360 is service as we endeavor to build great relationships with our beloved clients and partners, whom we consider family. Today, APX360 has served countless phenomenally diverse people while amassing the partnership of several experts in Sports Skills, Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, Mental Training, and Nutrition.

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