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What we choose to wear speaks directly to who we are, as a reflection of our experiences, passions, and beliefs. The Collective, A Lifestyle Brand, was birthed from my intrigue of the apparel art canvas and its impact on our culture. Each of us have a story, but more importantly, experiences ....passions ...and beliefs ....that intricately, yet purposefully, connect us.


I am a Floridian, a Certified Personal Trainer, Musician, Athlete, Lover of people, Writer, Entrepreneur, Teacher, and a Believer of Jesus Christ. I grew up playing sports, the piano, and singing. I'm most comfortable in a t-shirt and shorts/sweats but can rock a suit if the occasion calls for it. I love the history of vintage pieces but appreciate the creativity of modern progression. I'm most fulfilled when I'm making a difference in someone's life or relaxing, watching a movie from the 80's. Math, Music, and Art come really easy to me. I have to work a little harder at Technology, Science, and Test-Taking. I am a huge proponent of honoring the former while improving the latter. That is, I learn from and appreciate those who have gone before me as I endeavor to leave a legacy that is worthy of modeling. I'm hopeful you are ignited to fulfill your God-given purpose and will live to tell your story.


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